Temporary Staffing Solutions for Operating Room Personnel

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Charge Nurses

Handle level-one trauma more effectively. Quality Surgical Assistance connects you with Charge Nurses (CNOR RN) and Surgical First Assistants.


Find fully accredited Surgical Technologist staff, all with advanced abilities in ensuring a high level of patient care during operative procedures.

Recovery Staff

Fill any staffing shortage with ease. We have access to a network of Recovery Room Nurses (PACU RN), trained for post-anesthesia care.

Who We Are

Serving Atlanta, Georgia, Quality Surgical Assistance offers staffing solutions with operating room personnel for clients nationwide. In business for 15 years, and now with more than 20 years of total experience, we’re trusted by prestigious medical institutions to supply hospitals with Operating Room Nurses, Surgical First Assistants, Surgical Technologists, and PACU RNs.

Most companies offer a variety of healthcare professionals; we specialize in operating room professionals, giving us a unique edge in acquiring for you the most talented and experienced health care professionals. We are a company made up of veterans and serve the specific needs of our fellow veterans.

Contact us for staffing solutions, including highly capable operating room personnel.