Contracted Charge Nurses and Surgical First Assistants

Benefit from Charge Nurses and Surgical First Assistants with more than ten years of experience. Serving Atlanta, Georgia, Quality Surgical Assistance serves clients from across the United States and all US territories.

Charge Nurses

Quality Surgical Assistance has a network of Charge Nurses (CNOR RN) for any shift requiring a professional with level-one trauma specialties. Ideal for staffing shortages, we offer contract positions for 13-week assignments anywhere in the United States.

By choosing a professional from our company, you get someone with more than ten years of experience, all the necessary degrees in their fields, and a commitment to yearly educational endeavors.

Nurses and Doctors - Surgical First Assistants


Our assistants are all credited through the National Certification Governing Bodies. All pricing for staff is contractual.

Contact us to fill positions for Charge Nurses or Surgical First Assistants.

Experienced Recovery Room Nurses, PACU RN

Have ample post-recovery support delivered by Recovery Room Nurses, a.k.a. PACU RN staff. Quality Surgical Assistance is based in Tucker, Georgia, and serves clients around the United States.

Recovery Room Nurses - PACU RN

Further Enhance the Team

Recovery Room Nurses are highly trained and perform duties such as monitoring vital signs, heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, and respiratory rate, with particular specialties in post-operative pain, including nausea and vomiting.

Further duties cover the monitoring of surgical sites for excessive bleeding discharge, swelling, hematoma, and redness; and coordinating the delivery of care for post-anesthesia patients immediately following surgical procedures.

A Passion for Health Care

With ten-year-experienced PACU RN staff on hand, the psychological and physiological health needs of your patients and their families are better served. Contract positions for 13-week assignments are available anywhere in the United States.

Contact Quality Surgical Assistance to fill vacant positions for Recovery Room Nurses (PACU RN).