Performing Circulatory Counts - Surgical Technologist

Accredited Surgical Technologist

Benefit from the extra pair of hands that make all the difference. Quality Surgical Assistance, based in Tucker, Georgia, offers you access to accredited Surgical Technologist professionals.

Support Structure

Our staff members are all accredited through a national certification governing body to handle instruments, supplies, and equipment as necessary during surgical procedures. Surgical Technologists have a complete understanding of the procedure being performed and the ability to anticipate the need of the surgeon. Duties include:

• Assisting with Scrub Downs
• Setting up Sterile Supply Tables
• Preparing Medication Solutions
• Performing Circulatory Counts

• Supporting Members of the Team

Surgical First Assistants

Find professionals for first assisting surgery, handling patient positioning or patient prepping, and more. Other responsibilities fulfilled by Surgical First Assistants include:

• Visualization of the Operative Site
• Assisting with Homeostasis
• Assisting with Harvesting of Grafts
• Assisting with Volume Replacement
• Assisting with Auto Transfusion Techniques
• Assisting with Closure of Body Planes

• Applying Appropriate Wound Dressing
• Securing Drainage Systems

Serving Your Needs

Surgical Technologists are ideally placed to help you during staffing shortages. Contract positions are on offer for 13-week assignments.

Contact Quality Surgical Assistance for access to fully trained Surgical Technologist professionals.